"Summit Serenity"
"Summit Serenity"
"Summit Serenity"
"Summit Serenity"
Stains And Woodgrains

"Summit Serenity"

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Key Features:

-Measure 20.5in x 20.5in

-Composed of reclaimed wood, textured steel, and epoxy resin.

-Comes READY TO HANG with a heavy duty sawtooth hanger

-SHIPS FOR FREE! Will ship within1-3 business days.

-One of a kind piece from the "Windows to the Wilderness" Collection

"I go to nature to be soothed, healed and have my senses put in order" - John Burroughs

Over the course of my life I have developed a deep connection with nature and the peace it provides. Escaping to the mountains is something I can always turn to in order to reset my mind in times of struggle or just recharge my batteries. I think it is more important now more than ever to take time to unplug from our busy, stressed out, technology driven lives and get quiet in the wilderness. The healing nature can provide is beyond what any supplement or pill can do for our mind and bodies. 

In creating this collection I wanted to have it represent that escape nature can provide. Each piece has a small diamond shape window in the center with a mountain scene inside. The intention behind this is for that tiny window to serve as a source of inspiration and remind the viewer that the solace and peace of nature isn't that far away. Like a tiny portal transporting you to your happy place and instilling a desire to seek more adventure and time in the wilderness, each piece has a bit more meaning behind it than just something to cover space on a wall. 

This collection is also unique in that each piece was meticulously handcrafted using only reclaimed wood that was currently in my workshop. I made a decision that I could not purchase or collect any additional materials to finish a piece. With limited amounts of each kind of wood this forced me to create some truly one of a kind designs with lots of texture and character! I wanted the reclaimed wood to give the viewer the feel that they were looking out a rustic cabin window at the beautiful mountain vista.

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