Bighorn Sheep (12in Round)
Bighorn Sheep (12in Round)
Bighorn Sheep (12in Round)
Stains And Woodgrains

Bighorn Sheep (12in Round)

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Inspiration: Throughout my artistic journey I have always wanted to add the breathtaking allure of some of the most "majestic beasts" I have had the pleasure of seeing in the wild. This collection is my attempt to capture the North American Bison, Black/Brown Bear, Moose, and Bighorn Sheep through the craft of intarsia. Intarsia is a woodworking technique creating mosaic like pictures from small hand cut pieces of wood. Different species of wood are selected for their color and grain pattern to give the piece depth. This month's work has been a long, dedicated labor of love, but has also help produce some of my most intricate work yet! Thanks for taking the time to check them out.

Composed of: Epoxy resin, textured stainless steel, and many hand-cut pieces of reclaimed wood. The Bighorn Sheep was cut from poplar.


*Size - Measures 12in diameter

*Ships for free - This piece will ship via UPS in about 2-3 business days after purchase. Includes insurance for the full cost of the piece.

*Ready to hang - Comes with a heavy duty saw tooth hanger pre-installed and all the hardware you need to hang it.

*One of a Kind Piece - a 1 of 1 design that won't be repeated.

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