What goes into creating a custom piece from a photo?

Over the years, my specialty has become using a photo of a place that holds a special significance for the client and creating them a one of a kind piece of art in my unique style. I often get asked what the process for that looks like, so I thought I'd dive a little deeper into that here for those that are curious.



The Design Phase of the process starts by meeting with a client over the phone or emailing back and forth to go over exactly what they are looking for. After they have sent me the photo they want recreated, we go over details such as dimensions, shape, colors, and all the overall elements they want incorporated. Sometimes they are very specific in what they are looking for but more often than not, they give me creative freedom to run with what I think will look best. 



I will go into a project with a rough idea of the way I want it to look and then just go with the flow from there. I have found that this spontaneous approach is how I create my best work. It is also how I have developed a multitude of new techniques and skills. As I'm working, I'll get ideas for new experiments to try out. They aren't all winners but some of them have really taken my art to a whole other level. Had I not used this mindset, I never would have experimented with adding metal to my pieces which now has become a defining feature of my art. 


Finish and Reveal

Revealing the finished piece to the client is always my favorite part of the process. Being able to create something that reminds them of a special place in nature that is near and dear to their heart and also inspires them to get out and explore more is one of the biggest reasons I love what I do. 








Want to order your own custom piece? Email me at stainsandwoodgrains@gmail.com or fill out the form under the "Contact Us" tab!


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